Artificial Setts
A120 Artificial Sett

Back in 2002 we constructed an artificial sett to move badgers from their sett, the sett was due to be destroyed under license to make way for the construction of the new A120 between the M11 and Braintree. The badgers successfully transferred and have now expanded the area around the artificial sett and are still using it to this day.
Barn Artificial Sett

An artificial sett near to an old 17th Century Dutch Barn. The badgers had previously been living under the barn, which had an earth floor. The farm owner had recently sold the barn and its surrounding land to someone who intended to convert it to a modern dwelling, and the builders were ready to move in. The group constructed a new sett for the badgers to move into, on the edge of a field which was still part of the farm, and was well within the badger's territorial area.

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